What is a community commissioner?

What we are looking for

We need to identify 15-20 people from Trafford, who have lived experience of poverty and are willing and able to share their stories. They will form our Community Commissioners group, and will be integral to the Trafford Poverty Truth Commission.

The Poverty Truth Commission team will be meeting with local organisations, to try and identify suitable Community Commissioners. We need to find people who are willing to share their stories in a safe and empowering environment. They will listen to other people’s experiences and work together to make recommendations for how to address the issues being faced by people living in poverty in Trafford. We recognise that the sharing of personal stories can place people in a vulnerable position, so the Poverty Truth Commission team will make sure our Commissioners are fully supported throughout the process, and know what to expect.

About the role

The Community Commissioners’ role will be to:

  • Meet with Trafford Poverty Truth Commission Team and develop a good understanding of the Poverty Truth Commission process.
  • Make a time commitment of 12-18 months.
  • Initially attend regular meetings with the Poverty Truth Commission team and other Community Commissioners, to build relationships and trust, and begin sharing their stories.
  • Help the Poverty Truth Commission team identify Civic Commissioners that should join the Commission.
  • Working with the Poverty Truth Commission team, prepare to share their experiences of poverty at a public Poverty Truth Commission launch event.
  • Attend and participate in the launch event, and share their stories in a variety of ways.
  • Commit to attend monthly Commission meetings over 12 months, initially with the whole group of Commissioners. Within these initial meetings identify three key areas that the Commission wants to focus on.
  • Subsequently, join a smaller working group, based on experience and expertise, to focus on one of the three key areas identified.
  • As a working group, make recommendations for policies, systems, services or ways of working that would help address the issues being raised.
  • Attend a closing event to celebrate the achievements of the Commission, and share what has been learnt.