What is a Poverty Truth Commission?

A Poverty Truth Commission (PTC) is a process that brings together people in poverty with those in senior positions within the private, public and voluntary sector. By forming trust and relationships between these two groups, people in poverty are given a chance to share their ‘lived experience’ of poverty.

The aim of a PTC is to give people who live in poverty a direct voice and enable their experiences to drive change to alleviate and reduce poverty for residents. The civic and business commissioners then facilitate the delivery of identified solutions, and, it is hoped, a deeper understanding of issues of poverty is developed throughout the borough.

Here in Trafford, our Poverty Truth Commission is part-funded by Trafford Council and Trafford Housing Trust. The findings of the Commission will feed directly into the Council’s Poverty Strategy.

Our Commissioners have built relationships and explored themes of poverty. Together, they produced a Zine which expresses their feelings and provided an opportunity to be creative. You can watch a video of the Zine here: