Community Cinema Panel

We love to screen films at the Hall and we need help deciding which films to show!

Our volunteer community cinema panel brings together Stretford residents with a wide variety of knowledge and interest. You don’t need to be a film buff, just have an interest in what we choose for our monthly film showings. Our panel helps plan a cinema programme which suits our local community.

The panel is virtual, led by our Bookings and Events Manager Joanna Jones who will communicate with you by email. You will use online polling to vote on suggestions for screenings at the hall.

Please note that cost is a factor in the films we screen. Sometimes the licence fee is too big for the Hall, but it may be possible for us to apply for grant funding to help us manage the cost.

Age 18+.

Skills and personal qualities

  • A friendly, positive and polite attitude.
  • Team player; respectful of others’ ideas.

Training and support

  • The cinema panel is a virtual group. In order to participate, you need to be competent using email / going online. One of our volunteers can help you with this if you require support.
  • If you wish to get involved in other ways at the Hall then please speak to our Volunteer Coordinator.

Our expectations

  • We expect our Community Cinema Panel to regularly provide input and ideas.
  • All volunteers should agree to our Code of Conduct and Volunteer Agreement.

What’s in it for you?

  • The opportunity to help us screen the films you want to see!
  • Help to play a role in delivering great events for our community.

How to apply

Complete our application form below or call into reception (Mon-Fri 9:30-4:30).

For further information

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator Katherine Bays on 07518 902991 or via the Hall at 0161 989 1689 or you can email