Community support & financial advice

Here at the hall,  we have been supporting residents who are being impacted by the increasing cost of living. With energy prices set to rise again in April, there are various ways that the team at the hall can support residents.

The following funds are both being distributed by the hall. If you’re a Stretford resident and you think you could be eligible, please get in touch.

The Household Support Fund is a pot of money available to support residents this winter. The fund is being distributed by the hall and anyone who needs a bit of help can apply. We can help with things like white goods (cookers, fridges), warm winter clothing, and essential furniture. Contact the hall for information on 0161 989 1689 or email

Heating repairs scheme. Thanks to funding from Trafford Council, financial help is available if you have urgent heating or hot water repairs that need doing. The hall has a pot of money to support residents with this. The application is simple and straightforward, and open to anyone. Call Emma on 0161 989 1689 (Monday to Friday, 10am – 2pm) for more information.