Pre-loved school uniforms available for free

Stretford Public Hall’s School Uniform Shop

Families in Stretford are struggling to afford the cost of a new school uniform for their children, and Stretford Public Hall’s Community Hub is taking steps to help them.

Our hub supports local people by offering information and advice on many issues.

After conversations with several families, we discovered that one of the biggest expenditures is a secondary school uniform. In some cases, it can cost £400 at the start of a school year. This year, that payment will be coming right before another rise in household bills, so we felt compelled to help.

We raised our concerns at a meeting of Trafford secondary school heads and we were pleased to hear that some were willing to give us pre-loved uniforms that we could give away for free.

We also approached a community store in Streford Mall where they are willing to put the uniforms on display. We have asked schools, parents and carers to provide good quality, logo only, Trafford secondary school uniforms, and we have been overwhelmed at the support for this pilot project.

The pre-loved uniforms are now available from ‘The Sq’ (old Love Coffee site) throughout the week when Stretford Mall is open. (8am-6pm most days)

We will run this Stretford project all through the summer holidays, alongside the primary school uniform project which is being run at St John’s Old Trafford community hub, St John’s Centre, St. John’s Road (open on Mondays only). 

Not only will this help offset the cost of living for parents and carers, it will also support the environment by encouraging recycling and reuse.