Trafford Poverty Truth Commission Final Report - March 2023

We are delighted to share the recommendations of Trafford Poverty Truth Commission. The group would like it noted that we recognise we cannot solve the fundamental causes of poverty, as these solutions lie with central government. However we hope that these recommendations help alleviate the impacts locally.

1. Improve how Trafford residents access services.

This will include a ‘One Stop Shop’ , where residents can access information and advice, and a ‘no wrong door’ policy, with a focus on in-person advice, rather than digital tools.

2. Continue to use the voice of people with lived experience in the development of policy and services in Trafford.

The model of the PTC has given many of us a voice for the first time, and given those responsible for key services an opportunity to engage with those who use their services in a meaningful way. We want to see this approach embedded across Trafford.

3. Make public transport truly accessible for everyone.

Public transport is a key way to open up opportunity, and to prevent isolation. We want to see the improvements that are being planned in Greater Manchester developed in a way that truly involves people living in poverty so that we can benefit from them.

4. Tackle mental health and isolation.

There is a vicious circle linking poor mental health and poverty, with isolation sitting in the middle. We believe that by valuing mental health in the community, people will feel empowered to link up with their community and feel less isolated.

Download the Final Report here to read about the work of the Commission, all the final report recommendations in full, and the pledges that our Civic Commissioners have made.